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James R. Mitchell, Robin Nordhues (Editor)

gem trails of colorado  Gem Trails of Colorado

This fully revised and updated edition features over 90 of the best locales for exploring and collecting rocks, minerals or fossils throughout Colorado. Sites are presented with detailed directions, site maps, descriptive text and numerous black and white photos. A handy mineral locator index, glossary, lists of rock clubs and a full-color photo insert of rock fossil and mineral specimens are included to enhance the collecting experience.

James R. Mitchell

gem trails of oregon  Gem Trails of Oregon

Reviewer: Almia/Mialkovsky from Butte Falls, Oregon

"We haven't lived in Oregon all that long and having a guide that will shorten our search is very helpful. Gem Trails is very accurate with easy to follow maps and many colorful pictures that help to enhance the experience. We checked out areas that are close to our residence and we were not disappointed. We are anxious to explore further."

June Culp Zeitner

great lakes states  Midwest Gem, Fossil and Mineral Trails : Great Lakes States

Book Description

A classic guide to collecting in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, Midwest Gem, Fossils and Mineral Trails: Great Lakes States, has it all in this newly revised and updated rockhounding guide. Geologically the Midwest is an incredible land, carved by glaciers and situated on the incomparable Great Lakes, the location of the upper Mississippi River Valley and the Ohio River. The copper country of Michigan, the iron ranges of Minnesota, the fluorite area of Illinois, and the limestones of Indiana are unsurpassed. Wisconsin holds great promise for copper, lead, and zinc, and its granite is a national favorite. Ohio, a leading coal producer, has yielded some of the finest fossils ever found. Diamonds and gold have been found here too; the reserves of minerals are tremendous. There are miles of beaches on the Great Lakes and other glacial lakes, along reservoirs, and along the rivers and streams of this region where Lake Superior agates, fossils, and minerals can be found. The author, who has been collecting in these states for over 50 years, describes how to hunt on your own, where and what to collect, and where to find additional information on each state. An indispensable guide for the rock hobbyist, lapidary and fossil enthusiast, this book highlights the best of the area in one compact volume.

June Culp Zeitner

prairie states  Midwest Gem Fossil and Mineral Trails :  Prairie States

Midwest, Gem, Fossil and Mineral Trails: Prairie States, is an indispensable guide for any rockhound collecting in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas or Missouri. For the rock hobbyist, lapidary, and fossil enthusiast these states have much to offer. Lake Superior agates are widespread. Magnificent fossils occur in each state. Superb crystals of quartz, calcite, pyrite, marcasite, dolomite, celestite, selenite sphalerite, and barite are not difficult to come by. There are also numerous rare minerals, which provide an extra thrill for the field collector. This updated edition describes where and what to collect, how to hunt on our own, and where to get more information and additional help in each state. Helpful hints for collecting minerals, gem materials, and invertebrate fossils are highlighted by an author who has collected in these states for over 50 years. An essential guide for the beginning and experienced collector alike. Midwest, Gem, Fossil, and Mineral Trails: Prairie States highlights the best of the region in one handy volume.

Richard M. Pearl

  Colorado Gem Trails and Mineral Guide

This collector's guide takes you on an extensive gem and mineral tour of the most strongly mineralized areas of the world.


  Desert Gem Trails  

I've used this book extensively and found it to be an invaluable resource.

James R. Mitchell, Robin Nordhues (Editor)

  Gem Trails of Northern California  

There is jade, often occurring in qualities rivaling that from Wyoming to Burma; beautiful pink rhodonite, as fine as can be found anywhere; and the most diverse variety of gem obsidian in the entire country, if not the world. Weekend prospectors can even pan successfully for gold in the legendary Gold Rush country. Detailed text and maps lead the rockhound to beautiful scenery and fascinating rocks and minerals. Full-color photos and specimens found at the end of the gem trail make identification easy. Black and white photos help locate collecting sites that include pine-covered mountains, barren deserts and beautiful beaches. From popular and commercial sites to those little known, out of the way places, this is the most complete guide to gem, fossil and mineral collecting in Northern California. James Mitchell, a contributor to the Lapidary Journal, teaches school during the year and spends summers searching the West for additional gem and mineral locations.

James R. Mitchell

  Gem Trails of Southern California

Reviewer: A reader from San Diego, California

This book gives you accurate maps and information about the many sites to find gems, geode beds, old gold, chalcedony, opal and agate mines in the area, and many other sites and places of interest.It is easy to read and follow and I would recommend it to anyone interested in investigating these types of places in Southern California.

James R. Mitchell, Bessie Simpson

  Gem Trails of Arizona  

Book Description

From azurite to wulfenite, Arizona is known the world over for its rich abundance of rocks and minerals. Now in its third edition, this best-selling guide covers well-known sites, and uncovers many lesser-known areas as well. Situated in landscapes as diverse as the minerals themselves, these sites vary from arid desert to pine covered peaks. Detailed text describes where to go and what to look for at each collecting area. Maps for each site lead the rockhound to an almost limitless supply of specimens. Black and white photographs picture the collecting area. Color photographs highlight beautiful specimens found at various sites. Gem Trails of Arizona is an invaluable guide for rockhounds just starting out, or filled with expert advice and years of experience. For the experienced collector who has searched from Arizona's mineral resources for years, it is an outstanding source of the old and the new sites throughout the scenic state. James Mitchell, a contributor to the Lapidary Journal, teaches school during the year and spends summers searching the West for additional gem and mineral locations.

James R. Mitchell

  Gem Trails of Texas  

James R. Mitchell

  Gem Trails of Utah  

Reviewer: Paul Tucek from Kent, Ohio

This book was an extremely useful tool for my wife and me as we combed the back country of Utah, gathering rocks. From the little-known sites like Painter's Spring in West Desert, to the world-famous Dugway geode beds, this book gave us the directions we needed. The petrified wood sites in southern Utah were especially appreciated.

Rick Mitchell

  Gem Trails of Nevada

Nevada has long been known for its vast mineral deposits, and, in fact, the state's official nickname is "The Silver State." That mineral abundance is not limited to commercial metals, but also to the plethora of other gemstones that can be gathered within its boundaries. If you choose to visit all of the sites discusses, you will not only be able to gather an incredible variety of minerals and gems, but will also ravel through landscapes with equally as much variety. Detailed travel instructions are provided for each location, with an accompanying map and photo to assist with locating sites. Mileage is as accurate as possible. Detailed text describes where to go and what to look for at over 50 sites throughout the state of Nevada. Includes a mineral locator index for easier rockhounding. The best rockhounding book on the market for collecting, gems, minerals, and stones in Nevada!

James R. Mitchell

  Gem Trails of New Mexico

New Mexico is a rockhound's paradise. From micromount and gem quality mineral specimens to fossil pieces that are millions of years old, there is something of interest to both the novice and experienced collector. Divided into four geographic regions, detailed maps, descriptive text and photos lead collectors from the geologic wonderland of Bisti to the unbelievable variety of collectibles and the Rockhound State Park. Features more than 100 locations throughout the state. Includes specimen color photos, B&W site photos, Mineral Locator Index, Glossary, and helpful contact information 

Scott Stepanski, Karenne Snow

  Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Newly revised and updated, Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is the essential guide for veteran and new collectors alike. Follow gem trails to beautiful agate, jasper, galena, pyrite, quartz crystals, fossils, and much more! The authors become your personal guides to unearthing the beautiful geologic treasures found Throughout the best sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Sites are presented with directions, rockhounding tips, descriptive text, maps, and numerous black and white photos. Rocks, minerals, and fossils found at the ends of the gem trails are pictured in full-color to aid in identification.
From seaside beaches to overgrown quarries, explore old favorites as well as newly-discovered sites that hold a wide variety of specimens for he rockhound to uncover. Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is the most complete gem trail guidebook for all rockhounds.

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