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Thousand Creek Gorge



three views of Thousand Creek Gorge (click to enlarge)


The west entrance to Thousand Creek Gorge is located in the NE corner of Virgin Valley.  At one time what is now Virgin Valley was a huge lake.  Millions of years ago, in what was obviously a catastrophic event,  a crack developed in the rim rock running between Virgin Valley and the next valley to the east.  When the lake water ran out through the crack, the gorge was formed.  Today both Virgin Creek and Sagebrush Creek drain out through the gorge.

This is one of my favorite spots in the Virgin Valley area and I think it's easy to see why.  The view is nothing short of stupendous.


How to get there: 

To the West entrance:  Exit the north end of the CCC campground and  follow the unimproved road straight ahead until it ends.  You're there.

To the top:  Exit the north end of the CCC campground and  follow the unimproved road to the second right.  Turn right and continue about 2 + miles to a three way crow's foot intersection.  Turn left and follow the road to a turnaround / parking area.  Park, then walk north about 50' and you're there.  The road is not maintained, but any high clearance vehicle should be able to make it, four wheel drive is recommended.   

CAUTION!  Don't let your children run loose here; the drop off is at least 800'.




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